Client Reviews

"The unique thing about Splash Omnimedia is that they get to know us, it's not just a client but actually developed more of a personal relationship so they really gather an understanding of our business and our driving needs. They really partner with us well so that we are aligned with all of our targets and goals to make sure that we grow our business and achieve our set goals that we have." MORE ON COMFORT SERVICES


"The marketing dollars that we have spent with Splash have been very helpful to our company and we look forward to more years of continued service and this team relationship that we have with Splash. It's been a good one for our company. Splash is constantly pushing themselves to upgrade their services and to find out what they can do to help their clients and presenting themselves and offering better products and better exposure to their potential clientele. I think that is one of the best things about Splash, is they just certainly seem to be pushing themselves, not complacent with what they did last month, last year but really looking forward to what is going to separate them from their competition which helps us separate us from our competition in the future." MORE ON MODERN TURF


"You can tell that the staff that works at Splash Omnimedia enjoy what they do and they have a lot of fun with what they do and that's pretty cool to see in the company. We are the experts at what we do and we need to work with people that are experts in what they do and Splash Omnimedia are definitely experts in what they do. Splash Omnimedia has a great group of employees, we have a great relationship with them and they are really a lot of fun to work with. Splash Omnimedia will continue to be a big part of our future."


"I set up our new display this weekend in our conference room. I covered it and unveiled it during our Monday morning company meeting this morning. We absolutely love it! I look forward to using it tomorrow for the first time at our local Chamber Business Expo. Please pass along to Lauren and the rest who had a part in this! You guys rock!!!"


Featured Project

Splash Mark

With the concept that coming home to a clean house is as relaxing and reinvigorating as therapy, Cleaning Therapy created their business during the summer of 2013 in Columbia, South Carolina. Soon after, Splash Omnimedia developed a brand for this family-owned company that reflects their company identity while also developing a web site that looks great on screens of every size. Splash Omnimedia additionally created print materials to drive new business that helped position their company with a consistent brand identity.

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