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HVAC Marketing and Advertising Ideas - Moving into the 21st Century

Matt ThompsonFriday, January 20, 2012

HVAC marketing has become a necessity for companies trying to get a step ahead of the competition. There are many HVAC companies all competing for the same jobs. And with a slow economy, consumers just don’t have the money to spend to replace air conditioning and heating units. There is too much competition and not enough work. HVAC marketing can help you increase your exposure and help you increase your sales. If you are not effectively marketing your HVAC business, you are missing a golden opportunity to increase your market. There are plenty of ways to increase your HVAC marketing.


Online marketing has become essential to business owners who want to increase their profits. By creating a website for your business and developing an online presence you are greatly expanding your audience. Consumers today go online to search for whatever product or service they are in need of. If their air conditioning unit stops working, they will search online for an HVAC company. If your HVAC marketing doesn’t include an online presence, those consumers won’t find you. They will, however, find your competition.


The use of mobile marketing has been rapidly increasing. Consumers are using their cell phones and other mobile devices more and more. With mobile marketing, you can send a valuable coupon directly to the consumer’s cell phone. Make sure that your website is mobile phone and mobile device friendly. If your website is not mobile phone friendly, the website will appear disfigured in the mobile device, and important information may not be readable.


Social media sites are also a great new tool for HVAC marketing. Create a Fan page on Facebook and add informative videos about HVAC services onto YouTube. Blogging has also become an excellent and effective form of HVAC marketing. Write a blog about the things that bring value to your customers. A good blog post can be about how to winterize their homes and include suggestions to have their furnace check-up done before the cold arrives.


Yes, traditional HVAC marketing is still valuable. Yellowpages, coupon mailings, magazine, newspaper and billboard advertising are still effective. You do still need to have an online HVAC marketing strategy to go along with the traditional HVAC marketing to help increase your business.


By creating a successful HVAC marketing plan that includes creating an online presence, you will see your HVAC business grow.   Contact us today for a free marketing proposal on how we can help improve your bottom line. 


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