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The Importance of Graphic Design in Your Custom Website

Posted by: Matt Thompson Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Graphic design and your website

Graphic Design in Your Custom Website

Graphic design plays a very large role in determining how well a website is ranked. Google and other websites pay very close attention to quality rating. It is part of the criteria that search engines, primarily Google, use to rank websites.

Graphic design plays a very large role in determine user experience. A positive user experience has its own rewards, especially with changes induced by Google Panda. Some of those rewards are better links, high interaction with social media, and higher user interaction, all of which lead to better user experience. Better user experience leads to high page rank, which in turn leads to higher chances of consumers finding your webpage during an Internet search.

What search engines are looking for are beautiful sites that have really accessible content that is of high quality. Graphic design plays a large part in how your site appears. Sites that are cluttered and poorly organized do not tend to rank well. Sites that are crammed full of advertisements also do not tend to rank well. Beautifully laid out, simple formats with user friendly color schemes tend to rank better than those sites that are cluttered.

A website is an investment in marketing for businesses and for personal use. The idea is to attract readers to your content, and to do that, you have to embrace the game played by search engines. Good graphic design is one of the key elements in creating a beautiful and simple custom website that increase user experience. It can make the difference of getting on page one or page ten in the search results.

How is your site’s graphic design doing with user experience? Ask Splash Omnimedia’s graphic design team for an analysis of your current site.