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Meet Splash Omnimedian, Tom Baire!

Posted by: Matt Thompson Saturday, June 08, 2019
Meet Tom

Tom Baire is originally from Olean, New York and moved to South Carolina in 2006. As Video Production Manager, Tom works with our clients to bring the vision of their business to life through video. He is motivated, passionate and adds so much talent and creativity to the Splash Omnimedia team!

What keeps you motivated?

Over the years I have developed such a big passion for video and in doing so, I have realized I have a knack for seeing the video before we even shoot it. I think that is a skill really lends to the final story.

What moments have shaped your life?

Really, the first moment has to be my marriage with my wife. We got married after moving to South Carolina and truly created our own lives here, together.

A few years ago, we adopted our beautiful daughter which was a huge step in our lives together and creating a family! Lastly, the ability to have the leadership and freedom to be able to grow into the position I am in at Splash, has greatly shaped me!

What do you think the world needs more of?

The world needs more focused leaders! Even those leading from the middle. We need people to take accountability for themselves, for their own lives, and really help others to be better people.

What is an interesting fact about you?

Honestly… the fact that I am probably THE best giraffe runner.

What do you love most about Splash?

I love the culture that we have developed at Splash. It is a fun place to work! We are given so many opportunities to be ourselves and grow into such important people in important roles here. It’s just fun… a lot of fun!