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Reputation Management: The End of Negative Reviews

Posted by: Matt Thompson Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Reputation Management

Do you know what a negative review can do to your business? Negative reviews happen to all businesses, but when they occur online they have the potential to last forever and impact thousands of customers. It’s a business owner’s nightmare – you put your time, blood and sweat into the company you built. With the use of social media and review websites customers have more access now than ever before to voice their opinions of your business or service. The online world operates 24/7 and people expect a quick response. Never ignore reviews but instead approach reviews with the goal of giving the best possible customer experience – even when your customers are angry.

In addition to boosting customer trust in your brand, bad reviews give customers a “real picture” of what they can expect from your products and service. Your business should strive to deliver a consistent level of excellence… and this remains true with the reviews of your business. There are always ways to minimize the damage to your company’s credibility. Be aware that your business may face negative reviews and statements for situations or circumstances you have no control over. Nevertheless, the impact continues.

It is a misconception that you cannot do anything about negative reviews. You can - and you should! Fortunately, like customer complaints made in person, negative reviews do not have to result in lost business. Disappointment happens when expectations aren’t fulfilled. Your brand can use the data collected from negative reviews to better communicate to customers what they should expect. Splash Omnimedia can help you with that.

How to End Negative Reviews

There are a few key ways to end negative reviews and build a more positive, upbeat reputation online for your company. Having a solid marketing strategy that focuses on the good is one place to start. In addition to a solid marketing strategy, your business needs a bulletproof reputation management strategy.

Reputation management is a tool available to any company. It provides an opportunity for you to better manage your company’s reputation online, including through review sites and social media. Improving your reputation online helps you achieve your business goal of providing quality service to your customers.

Improving Your Positive Presence

At the heart of any online presence is the need to have a positive reputation. While tackling reviews is important, you first need to create a positive initial experience. For example, when you think of your favorite restaurant or the best brands in fashion, a few key brands are likely to come to mind. Some brands have an incredible following and reputation simply because of the marketing they’ve done. And, when you think of those companies that impress you, what comes to mind? Good customer service is likely at the top of the list. In order to build a strong reputation companies need to focus first on their marketing messages and customer service efforts. You want people searching for your product or service to see the good things first.

Managing Those Negative Reviews

Even the best companies always have some people who are not happy. It is true – you cannot please every customer or client. It is important to deal with and respond to negative reviews promptly before they escalate and more potential customers read the review. Take care to make sure you never respond to a review by personally reacting. Always respond in a polite, professional manner, never blaming others for the problem or creating excuses.

Our reputation management platform allows you to have access to key tools to help you better manage this type of situation. How does it work? In short, it allows you to generate new client testimonials. These new testimonials can help to boost your reputation online. You can reach out to customers to gain a better view of what is really happening within your company.

What happens when testimonials are not positive?

With our platform, you have the unique opportunity to respond directly and immediately to any negative reviews. As a result, you have the ability to reconcile or improve the problem with the customer. Many times, simply talking to or fixing the problem the customer has builds an incredibly positive view of your business in that customer’s mind. Most people who complain or create negative reviews just want the company to fix the problem and make their outcome better - which you can easily do!

More so, you are able to improve that customer interaction right away. This helps to keep your reputation online positive and less dominated by negative reviews. In other words, through our tools, you can stop negative reviews and build a solid online reputation using positive reviews from your customers. At the same time, you are working to improve customer relations, helping your business to succeed.

Manage Your Reputation with Splash Omnnimedia

Any business today needs to consider their online reputation--even if you think you are too small or not well known enough for it to matter. With reputation management, it becomes possible to create a positive online experience. When people search for your company or the product or service you offer, they find positive information about you, both through your marketing and your published reviews. Then, they get outstanding customer service when they work with you. This creates the type of brand people remember and rely on over and over. Contact us if you need guidance for better managing and navigating your brand's reputation.