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Corporate Videos - The power of online video marketing

Posted by: Matt Thompson Friday, May 04, 2012

Corporate videos will drive more traffic to your website.

Web video advertising has become a valuable marketing tool for your business. Cisco Systems predicts 90% of traffic on the web will be driven by video. It is estimated that consumers watch 46 years of video every day worldwide.

Wouldn't you like your video to be one of them? Posting video to social sites, like YouTube and Facebook and having others share your video will drive that traffic to you.

Video is more personable than written content. Consumers like to see who they are dealing with and like to establish a relationship with the businesses they patronize. Chances are they would rather watch a video of you or a spokesperson explaining your vision or sales pitch than read about it.

Video will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Not everyone has caught on to the power of video yet. Here’s your chance to beat your competition and offer what they are not.

Creating a corporate video is far less expensive than producing a television commercial. If video isn’t currently a part of your marketing plan, correct that immediately. Millions of people are waiting to see and hear your message.

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