Full Service Marketing

Marketing Campaigns that produce outstanding results don’t just happen by chance. They’re the result of goal-centered strategies that have been executed, measured, and tweaked to deliver optimal performance. Doing this effectively requires a lot of work — and at Splash Omnimedia we have a blast doing it!

We have years of experience crafting every aspect of multi-pronged marketing campaigns. Let us use our expertise and manpower to give your company the exposure it needs to reach the next level of success.

A Scalable, Full-Service Marketing Department

Recruiting, hiring, and managing a full-scale, in-house marketing department can be a huge investment of time, energy, and resources. For a small business or one that simply wants to run as lean as possible, a more effective solution would be to engage us as your offsite full-service marketing department.

When you engage Splash Omnimedia as your marketing department you gain a distinct advantage over the competition. You’ll benefit by having a professional team of marketers that are committed to helping you drive success — with the strategic, technical, creative, and executional expertise to make it happen.

With a team of more than 30 full-time marketers, we have the depth and breadth to manage complex, multi-front campaigns that deliver outstanding results. You’ll enjoy the advantage of having marketing strategists, creatives, web-developers, content-creators, videographers, animators, digital marketers, search engine specialists, social media managers, media planners, and brand managers all working in sync to help you attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Scalable Marketing

Why You Need a Marketing Department

Our clients span a wide-range of industry verticals, organization sizes, geographic footprints, budgets, and goals. Although no two clients are identical, our experience has shown that the following challenges are primary indicators that our full marketing department services are the right solution.

Marketing Challenges We Solve

We offer integrated marketing services to confront common problems that many brands face. Are any of these concerns that your business needs to address?

  • Limited -- or no -- in-house marketing team. Many lean start-ups and small businesses do not have the funds or space for a full-time in-house team. We can augment your in-house department or perform 100% of your marketing needs.

  • A lack of expertise across marketing skill sets.  Savvy business-owners know they need to delegate. You can't keep up with every new marketing technology and all the best practices. We do it for you so that you can focus on the core functions that make your company a success.

  • A desire or need for rapid growth. It takes experience to efficiently grow a business quickly. We can provide the sort of dedicated exposure over multiple channels you need to build awareness quickly and start turning prospects into paying customers.

  • Entrance or expansion into a new market. When your company breaks new ground, it is important to begin effective marketing efforts right away. We can handle this while you concentrate on providing the excellent service and products that will cement your place in your new area of business.

  • Launch of a new product or service. The first months after a launch are critical. You need to be able to recover funds that you've invested right away. We can help you find the audience for your new products or services and get them as excited about your offerings as you are.

  • A need to control fixed overhead. It doesn't make a difference how much gross profit you have coming in, if it's all devoured by operating expenses. By handing your marketing to us, you can save on staffing costs and make sure that every marketing dollar is spent in the way that brings the most benefit to your company.

  • A need to stop being bogged down. Content writing, social media engagement, and studying analytics can eat up hours of your day, especially if you are using a shotgun approach to online promotion. When you hand these functions off to us, we handle them efficiently, letting you focus on the areas where you shine.

  • A better way to measure marketing and advertising ROI. Do you ever wonder just how effective your marketing is? We use proven and measurable methods to show you exactly the impact of each of your marketing activities. We use this knowledge to craft campaigns to give you the very best return on your advertising investment.
Full Service Marketing

How It Works

Discover Success

Look, Listen, Learn — During Discovery, the creatives and strategists at Splash Omnimedia will meet with your and your team, ask the right questions, and listen. We want to learn as much as possible about your company, your customers, and your products/services. Through Discovery, we'll discuss the vision you have for your company and any short-term or long-term goals your business has. Working with you, we will agree upon the desired results and then begin discussing a plan to help you get where you want to be. We will also coordinate with you the development of a marketing budget that will guide the scope of our collective marketing efforts. 

Marketing Plan

Marketing & Sales Strategy — Following Discovery, our team will work with you to create an integrated marketing plan, shaped around your goals, that details your marketing messages, tactics, frequency, and metrics for success. Our team of strategists and other creatives from various departments will collaborate to ensure everything within your marketing strategy remains cohesive, on-target, and within budget. We'll create a consistent voice that reaches across a variety of media channels and captures the attention of your target market.

Implement Strategy

Design, Build, Deploy — Once you’ve approved the marketing strategy, we will immediately begin implementation of approved marketing activities.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Website Design & Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Event Promotions
  • Video Production
  • Media Buying & Optimization
  • Copywriting / Content Marketing
Manage Measure Tweak

Manage, Measure, Tweak — We take care of all the heavy lifting. You’ll no longer need to field account rep calls from TV stations, magazines, or phone books. Our team will manage all aspects of your marketing strategy and handle all the day-to-day marketing activities. You’ll receive frequent marketing performance reports, strategy and campaign adjustments as needed, to keep your marketing efforts aligned with your marketing goals and desired results. You can remain confident in your marketing, knowing an entire marketing team is working on your behalf to help your company achieve greatness.

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