History and Mission

splash omnimedia matt thompson and mike white

With prayer, it just evolved!

Splash Omnimedia evolved through a series of events that began in 2006. Matt Thompson and Michael White were primarily marketing and consulting with real estate related companies when one day, someone outside the real estate industry called and requested we consider marketing their business. Why not, we thought?

While researching the marketing / advertising industry, we quickly learned that most firms were owned and operated by web designers, graphic designers, or long term advertising professionals. We were none of these — we were business and banking consultants!

However, we knew it was the results that really mattered. We also knew that measuring those results was even more crucial. It was extremely apparent that the web designers focused only on the web, the graphic designers focused only on how things looked, the advertising folks only cared about buying the right mix of media like TV commercials, radio ads, and billboard campaigns. As our team continued to grow from two to four to six and so on, we knew that we didn’t want to focus on an advertising vehicle but instead, focus on the results and measuring them.

That's why our team of professionals is made up of technical and creative individuals that can execute a strategic plan with our eyes closed (Not really — that makes it hard to see the monitors. But you get what we’re saying!)

Having faith and knowing that we weren’t in control of what was going on, we continued to pray and our firm continued to grow. That initial contact turned into our first client. We then began reaching out to our other contacts and before we knew it, we had 20 non-real estate clients.

We started using the communication systems we were employing for our customers and quickly grew from 20 to 100 clients. Within a couple of years, we watched our firm grow to several hundred clients!

By the way, it certainly helps having a staff that is much smarter than you are in the different areas of execution. Having a team execute our strategies and teaching them how to think beyond their relative area of concentration enables us to completely pull away as a premier and true marketing firm — not just an advertising agency.

So when you call Splash Omnimedia, you will understand why we won’t just sell you something. We want to make sure that the plan our team implements is indeed a strategic plan that can be measured because it’s the results that you really want…right?


Splash Omnimedia is committed to providing impactful business and marketing solutions that are as unique as they are relevant.

In our constant pursuit of excellence, our passionate, and assertive team is focused on one goal: to deliver a high return on investment to our strategic partners. This is Splash Omnimedia!


Featured Project

Splash Mark

Dependable Service Plumbing, Inc., located in Myrtle Beach, SC has been locally owned and operated for over a decade. Splash Omnimedia translated the philosophies and exceptional service of Dependable Service Plumbing, Inc. into a consistent brand identity. Our team created a website centered on a positive user-experience, which meant combining responsive design and optimized content while capturing the retro aesthetic. The mascot was crafted as a visual representation of who Dependable Service Plumbing and their employees are: trustworthy, professional, and reliable.

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