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All About Splash Omnimedia

A behind the scenes look into what makes Splash Omnimedia really something special. In less than 3 minutes, you can get a feel for who we are and discover exactly why Splash Omnimedia is really one of a kind.


Video Production

Watch how Splash Omnimedia's award-winning video production team can put our years of experience and expertise to work for your business!


Web Development

Take a look at exactly how Splash Omnimedia helps business like yours build the perfect online presence. Our diverse team of creative talent will put their skills to work to craft a website that WOWs customers and draws in new business.


HVAC Marketing Pros

Are you looking to take your HVAC company to the next level? This short video will show you why Splash Omnimedia is the perfect marketing partner to help you make it happen! Watch this clip to learn why Splash Omnimedia is expert in HVAC marketing strategies.



No description needed. You just have to watch this. Seriously, why are you still reading what's written here? Just click play already! It's only 60 seconds long and it'll make you laugh (or at least crack a grin). Try not to... it's impossible.


Featured Project

Splash Mark

Dependable Service Plumbing, Inc., located in Myrtle Beach, SC has been locally owned and operated for over a decade. Splash Omnimedia translated the philosophies and exceptional service of Dependable Service Plumbing, Inc. into a consistent brand identity. Our team created a website centered on a positive user-experience, which meant combining responsive design and optimized content while capturing the retro aesthetic. The mascot was crafted as a visual representation of who Dependable Service Plumbing and their employees are: trustworthy, professional, and reliable.

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