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How a Traffic Jam Can Help Turn Your Marketing Around


Effective advertising begins and ends with making a memorable first impression, and vehicle wraps are a great way to spread your business’s message everywhere you go. When paired with other forms of traditional and digital advertising, vehicle wraps can round out a comprehensive marketing strategy and help you increase your brand awareness with your target market.

What Exactly is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is essentially a mobile billboard. It’s a digitally printed, vinyl decal that is installed on your vehicle. Vehicle wraps come in various sizes and can encompass the entire vehicle or just a portion of it, depending on your specific needs. The graphics are in full, eye-catching color and are printed on heavy-duty vinyl material.

Vehicle wraps are a great marketing tool for businesses of every size, from large companies with entire fleets to local mom-and-pop companies.

Why Vehicle Wraps Make Great Marketing Tools

Vehicle wrapping is an extremely efficient form of outdoor advertising. Since it goes with whoever is driving the vehicle wherever they go, it has the capability to reach people right where they are. In fact, a vehicle wrap has the power to generate as many as 70,000 impressions a day, depending on where you live.

The flexibility and mobility also means that you can position your vehicle, and your message, virtually anywhere you want. Whether in a parking lot, at a red light or stuck in a traffic jam, your target audience will look out their car windows and see your message. Vehicle wraps are up close and personal. This gives you a unique opportunity to reach people of all ages, genders, income levels, backgrounds and professions. You could turn every person you pass into a potential customer.

4 More Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about 4 big benefits of integrating vehicle wraps into your marketing mix. Here are four more benefits that you may not have considered.

  1. They’re non-aggressive. Even though most people notice them and they generate thousands of impressions, vehicle wraps reach people where they are without disturbing the normal flow of their day. With vehicle wraps, potential customers can easily see your message without any significant interruption to what they are doing. People tend to respond more positively to subtle, soft-sell advertising that isn’t in their face. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to make a lasting impression on your target market without being obtrusive, annoying or distracting.
  2. They’re mobile. Vehicle wraps are by far one of the most proactive forms of advertising, because, instead of waiting for potential customers to see your message, you’re taking your message straight to them. Your message has the ability to travel as easily as you can, anytime and to anywhere.
  3. They’re cost effective. Vehicle advertising is good for any size company because the investment is minimal in comparison to the number of potential impressions you could receive. When you break down your investment, vehicle wraps cost about $1.50 per day. This is a small price to pay when you consider the number of impressions generated daily from driving around town, or even just parking. In fact, vehicle wraps cost a mere $0.77 per thousand impressions.
  4. They generate positive associations with your brand. Vehicles wraps can be used to not only grab the attention of potential customers, but also to gain traction for your business by creating buzz and increasing awareness. 75% of people surveyed say they have a favorable opinion of companies they see on vehicle advertising, and 56% said they perceive a business to be well-established and more successful if they incorporate vehicle advertising into their overall marketing strategy.

Vehicle advertising has become one of the most dynamic and powerful advertising platforms over the last several years, and its popularity is only expected to grow. Make sure you don’t just blend into the crowd. Expand your reach and get your message in front of your target audience right where they are by incorporating an eye-catching vehicle wrap into your marketing strategy. Our graphic design team has the tools and experience to create unique wraps in all sizes that will amplify your brand, whether you have one vehicle or a hundred.

Contact the experts at Splash Omnimedia to find out how we can help you incorporate vehicle wraps as well as other traditional and digital advertising to get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Behind the Booth: Benefits of Trade Show Exhibiting


A trade show, or trade fair, is an industry-specific exhibition where companies can meet with industry partners and customers, examine recent market opportunities and trends, study the activities of their competitors and showcase their latest products and services.

There are many benefits to having an exhibit at a trade show, like having a powerful platform for reaching out to current customers and meeting new ones. The most important benefit is that exhibiting at trade shows can help you to build a more established and recognizable brand for your business.

Many business owners choose not to exhibit at trade shows because of the cost. It’s no secret that developing a great, unique and eye-catching exhibit, training staff members and traveling to events definitely isn’t cheap. However, when used as part of a well-executed marketing strategy, having a trade show exhibit can be an extremely profitable and worthwhile venture.

If you’re still on the fence about a trade show exhibit for your business, here are some benefits that you may not have considered:

  1. Generate highly targeted leads. Every trade show you attend is an opportunity to reach out to potential clients and expand your customer base. Every person in attendance at a trade show is a potential lead to be captured. 72% of exhibitors surveyed said they exhibit at trade shows primarily to generate new leads. It’s a unique opportunity to build awareness of your business’s brand, products and services and fill your pipeline with new potential customers. After the event is over, follow up with the people you met quickly while it is still fresh in their mind.
  2. Learn what is and isn’t working. Trade shows are a great opportunity to talk to your current and potential clients and evaluate the tactics of your main competitors. Take the time to learn from what the competition is doing. See which booths attract the most traffic. Use the information you gather to learn what is and isn’t working in order to improve your business strategy.
  3. Build partnerships with other businesses. Trade shows are not just about interacting with potential buyers. They’re also a great time to forge new alliances and network with industry colleagues. 70% of exhibitors surveyed say one of the biggest perks of trade shows is being able to create, build and strengthen industry partnerships.

Once you have decided to make the investment and exhibit in a trade show, how do you decide which one is the right fit for your business? Asking a few pertinent questions will help you to make a rational decision about the ROI of a specific trade show and determine if it’s the right one for you. Here are some questions you can ask to help you determine if a trade show aligns with your objectives:

  • What is your overall goal? Are you trying to gain new leads, get publicity or make sales?
  • What type of audience will be attending the show?
  • What does a lead cost?
  • How many leads have the potential to convert to customers? (In essence, what is the conversion rate?)
  • What is the profit of an upfront sale?
  • What is the long term value of the customer?

Trade shows offer unique benefits to all types of businesses. A business of any size, big or small, has an equal opportunity to network with current and potential clients and generate new leads through trade shows. 80% of trade show attendees have buying authority, meaning that 4 out of every 5 people walking past your exhibit could be potential customers.

Stand out from the competition and grab their attention with customized, unique displays. Our graphic designers can assist you with your exhibit design from start to finish and create eye-catching table-top displays, back wall displays, large graphical structures and more. Leave the design and display elements to us and focus your attention on building your brand presence at the show! Contact the experts at Splash Omnimedia today to find out more about incorporating trade show displays into your overall marketing strategy.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready for 2017?


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017, and 365 new opportunities to market your business, define your brand and expand your reach. Is your marketing strategy prepared for the year ahead?

Don’t let your business get lost in the shuffle. Utilizing the top marketing trends will give you an edge over the competition and help you to make the biggest impact, reach out to your target audience and build a firm foundation for your business in 2017.

The marketing industry never slows down, and it’s definitely dominated by businesses that have the initiative to plan ahead, take risks, anticipate changes and jump on bandwagons before their competitors do. Even though data is making it somewhat easier to target consumers, discerning and understanding which methods are most valuable for your business can be challenging. It’s often difficult to stay focused on both your immediate and long term marketing goals while also trying simultaneously to wade through the waters of everyday business life. That’s why it’s important to not only familiarize yourself with popular marketing trends, but to also work with a reputable and trustworthy marketing partner who can help you decide which trends would be most beneficial for your business specifically.

One thing is certain, in 2017, communication is key, and everything begins and ends with consumer experience. There are some things that consumers will be looking for this year, particularly when it comes to business marketing efforts. Regardless of the marketing trends you choose to take advantage of this year, here are a few things that your target audience members will definitely be looking out for.

  1. Customer experience. Every single customer matters, regardless of how much or little they spend with you. This is the year to hone your efforts and focus all of your energy on customer experience and satisfaction. With so many options available for just about every industry under the sun, the way to gain customers and keep them is to make them feel like they are valued and respected. You could have the best marketing strategy, the best deals and the best products and services in the world, but if you don’t focus first on customer experience, your customers will seek those things elsewhere, even if it means they have to pay more for them.
  2. Personalized, consistent involvement. These days, personalization means so much more than just knowing someone’s first name. Consumers not only desire but expect their world to revolve around them and their needs. Big name brands like Coca-cola, Disney, Netflix and Amazon have set the bar high. This means that involvement with consumers is no longer a one-size-fits-all formula, but a fundamental commitment to excellence and quality, not only in person and across all web and social media platforms, but in every other channel that has the potential to influence the overall customer experience.
  3. Better videos...and more of them. It’s no secret that in 2017, video will reign supreme. In fact, it’s estimated that 74 percent of all web traffic this year will be video, so it stands to reason that businesses that fail to incorporate them will be left behind.
  4. Social Media engagement. It is becoming more obvious that social media is no longer a simple marketing channel used to sell products and services, but a platform to increase customer engagement and heighten overall consumer experience. 2017 is the year to move away from advertising and hard selling through social media and move more toward focusing on engaging your audience, both collectively and individually.
  5. Dense content. Consumer attention spans have steadily declined, and people have grown more impatient and demanding as technology has progressed. Because the majority of people scroll through endless streams of posts, articles and advertisements every single day on social media, they typically only scan and skim rather than actually reading. That’s why Sujan Patel, growth marketer and entrepreneur, says, “In 2017, content will get shorter, sweeter, more unique, and punchy.” This year, make every word count, because most people probably won’t be reading them all anyway.

So now that you know what your customers are expecting of you this year, what are the top marketing trends to utilize in 2017?

  • Content Marketing- Content marketing is simply consistently creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to a clearly defined target audience for the purpose of driving consumer actions. This could be through rich text on web pages, through engaging and educational blog posts, through specific and unique landing pages, and much more. 40 percent of businesses in 2016 were using the strategic approach to content marketing, and that number is expected to continue to rise this year. When and if you get it right, content marketing has the potential to fuel many inbound marketing techniques, including SEO, social media and email marketing. In fact, content marketing is the top-rated technique for driving incremental sales.
  • Mobile Marketing- Mobile undoubtedly has one of the largest impacts on search marketing. To take a page from Google’s marketing playbook, you should always live by a “Mobile first” mantra. With more and more web users turning to their mobile devices for searching as well as social media engagement, it is absolutely crucial to have an adaptive, responsive mobile design to optimise user experience and conversion rates. Mobile marketing is best when incorporated as an integral part of a multi-platform strategy, striving to make finding your business, products and services not only possible, but simple, smooth and consistent from virtually any device.
  • Social Media Marketing- This seems like a no brainer, but is definitely still worth mentioning. Social media is the place to be--hands down. If you’re not incorporating at least one social media platform into your overall marketing strategy, chances are, you’re not reaching your audience, or for that matter, your potential. Research shows continued growth for social media usage overall, and an increase in popularity for lesser-used platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest in 2017. Social media users are starting to demand an even more engaging and vicarious experience, especially with the onset of 360 degree images, live video and real-time posting.

    However, using social media incorrectly is just as bad for your business as not using it at all. Don’t just use social media platforms to blast generic content that your audience will most likely ignore. Use it to send unique, personalized messages, start real conversations and engage with your customers right where they are.

    In addition, you can expect to see an increase in paid social advertising. Because social media use has steadily continued to increase and users are expecting a more personalized experience tailored to fit their specific needs, it is becoming more difficult to achieve results from organic social traffic alone. In fact, in 2016, Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize posts shared by family members and close friends making it harder for posts from companies and brands to be seen by users. This means that if you want your posts to be seen by your target audience members, you will have to incorporate paid social media advertising into your marketing strategy. It is predicted that, in 2017, marketers will spend up to $35 billion on social media advertising.

  • Email Marketing- Because social media platforms have started changing to adapt to current trends, businesses--especially small- and medium-sized businesses--have lost some element of control over what they can share and communicate with fans and followers. Because of this, email marketing has spiked and become a vital resource for communicating with your target market. In 2017, email marketing has emerged as one of the most critical ways to grow and nurture an audience.
  • Video Marketing- Social media has paved the way, and now consumers are beginning to demand relevant, in-the-moment content that gives them a window into everything they want to know. Especially with live video updates on Facebook and personal, minute-to-minute posts via Instagram and Snapchat, consumers have come to expect more video content every day. For example, this year’s Presidential debate was streamed live online for the very first time, drawing in millions of viewers. Marketers agree that videos bring the highest level of Return on Investment (ROI), and businesses that incorporate video into their marketing strategy grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.
  • More intense audience segmenting- 2017 will bring new, unique ways to segment and reach out to target audiences with messages that are catered specifically to them. With social media engagement increasing, people are sharing more personal information about themselves every day, giving businesses new opportunities to find out who in their target audience is an authentic lead or potential customer based on a number of factors, including interests, cultural values, lifestyle characteristics, consumer attitudes and purchasing trends. All of these things have clear action implications, opening new doors for businesses and brands to market to specific people that have the highest probability for purchase.

While there are several other marketing trends for 2017 that you should pay attention to, like SEO, paid search and display advertising, these top trends are a great place to start a well-rounded marketing strategy for your business. Regardless of which marketing trends and tools you want to incorporate, having an experienced marketing partner is the best way to integrate each platform and make sure all of the pieces come together seamlessly. Contact the experts at Splash Omnimedia today to find out how we can help you create a fully integrated, cross-platform marketing campaign to make 2017 your best year yet.

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