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Is Direct Mail Still Relevant?


Direct mail delivers printed promotional or informational messages right to the doorstep of your target audience. Weather it's a postcard, flyer or brochure, direct mail is a marketing tool that can seamlessly connect the physical and digital attributes of your brand to create a stronger, more lasting bond between you and your customer.

The US Postal Service reports that 98 percent of Americans check their mail daily, and 79 percent of consumers say that they typically act on direct mail immediately after reading it. Direct mail is a time-tested, trusted method that, when used in conjunction with other advertising mediums as part of an integrated marketing strategy, can help your business to better reach current and potential customers.

So what things make direct mail relevant as part of an overall marketing strategy? Here are four unique benefits of using direct mail campaigns:

1. Personal- Receiving a personalized message sent directly from you makes your customers feel special and valued. This direct contact initiates or enhances a relationship with your customers and can make your target audience feel like you value them individually and that you understand their interests and needs.

2. Targeted- Direct mail campaigns can be highly targeted, with a mailing list tailored specifically to the members of the audience you are trying to reach with your message. Mail gives you the ability to segment your audience and specifically target groups or individuals that you feel are most likely to respond. How you choose to segment the audience to send your direct mail to depends on your business. Target audiences can be defined by age demographic, geographical location, proximity to your business, home or business owners, families with children of a certain age, etc. The list is virtually endless.

3. Tangible- Direct mail pieces are held directly by members of your target audience, which literally establishes a physical connection to your business and your brand. A direct mail piece is something real and familiar that may even be kept for reference. Some direct mail pieces are even displayed on refrigerators, meaning your message stays in front of your audience longer.

4. Versatile- With a variety of different formats to choose from, direct mail has several different applications and is a suitable medium for promoting a wide range of businesses and services. From brochures and magazines to postcards and pamphlets, there are many options to chose from when determining the best medium for your message.

What makes an effective direct mail piece?

When it comes to creating an effective direct mail campaign, there are a few proven tactics that seem to make all the difference.

  • Attention grabbing visuals- 94% of customers judge direct mail pieces by appearance
  • Short, sweet and to the point- in the age of immediate gratification and all-things digital, readers typically respond best to simple, easy to read information that they can digest quickly.
  • A strong call to action- Use a strong call to action to engage your audience and point them directly to your website.

Some people believe that traditional advertising methods are a thing of the past. However, traditional marketing mediums, like radio, television and print advertising, still have their place and serve a unique purpose in modern advertising strategies. The most effective way to make marketing work for your business is to weave traditional and digital efforts together to reach your target audience exactly where they are. The most effective marketing strategies utilize and leverage a balanced mix of both traditional and digital advertising. 

Could direct mail be a viable option for your business? Contact the pros at Splash and find out how you can use direct mail as part of your integrated marketing campaign to help you better reach your target audience.

The Hawk and the Fish: A Business Parable


The other day I was sitting on my porch reading the paper when all of a sudden, a fish fell right out of the sky and into my lawn. Confused, I looked around, convinced I was witnessing some elaborate prank.

But there it was. A live fish. In my yard. How did it get there? I wondered.

The mystery was solved seconds later when a hawk swooped down to reclaim its dinner (most likely its stolen dinner from a nearby fishing boat) This caught the attention of my dog, who leaped off the porch and charged the bird of prey.

Half amused and half alarmed, I watched the hawk and the dog circle and claw, bark and jump, each trying to intimidate the other off. All the while the fish just lay there. Forgotten. 

That's when it hit me. Maybe this whole bizarre thing was really a parable in disguise. 

Some businesses work so hard to beat out the competition, they forget all about their fish the customer.

Eventually the dog tired out and the hawk gave up. If that fish had legs it could have walked itself right back to where it came from. And as I scooped the fish up into the newspaper and into the trash, I couldn't help but relate it back to winning and losing in business.

It's not always the lowest price or most aggressive sales pitch that makes the sale. In the end, the number one focus should be the fish, the customer.

(Not that any fish wants to be eaten, but work with me here.)

Customers want to feel heard and understood. And sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges of running a business and neglect that personalized message that says "Hey- you're important and we're here to make your life better."

And when a client feels listened to and cared for, guess what? They'll stick around. And they'll tell their friends. Because that's a story worth sharing.

Ready to connect with customers in a fresh way? We can help.

Changing the Game: The $6 Hair Cut Trap


Being in the marketing business, I notice a lot of ads. But a few years ago, one commercial made itself particularity memorable.

The commercial tells the story of Dave, a barber shop owner in small town USA. Dave has been in business for years and charges $25 per haircut. One day, a competing chain opens a trendy new salon across the street. Their grand opening sign screams in big letters:


Now Dave is faced with two options. Adjust his price, or keep his rate of $25. In a wise move, the barber buys a large sign and hangs it outside his shop. The sign simply reads:


Soon after, the competition closes their doors for good. And we applaud Dave's for sticking to his guns. But why did Dave's sign work? Let's take a closer look at our barber-shop hero's strategy. Dave: Changed the game. Recognized his worth. Positioned his brand.

If you're facing a similar situation as Dave, my encouragement to you is this:

Change the game- Stop competing on the other guy's terms. There is always going to be someone willing to do the same job for a lower price. And while change is a part of growth, don't compromise quality for the sake of the sale.

Recognize your worth- Figure out what sets you apart from competition and do it well. Value what your customers value and they will go where the value is.

Position your brand- Your marketing should always be supporting who you are and what you're about. Start with a solid marketing strategy that clearly communicates your value to your ideal customer . Don't keep it a secret. Make yourself easy to find, especially online.

When you consistently offer real value, your customers, and your bottom line, will thank you.

Did your website get a bad haircut? We can fix that.

Drop us a note and let us know how we can help.

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