Graphic Design

Strong visual communications are vital for both new and established brands. The design of your site, your printed assets, and the vehicles in your fleet all contribute to the first impressions that potential customers develop of you and your company.

We have years of experience helping brands visually communicate who they are and what they are about. Proper design and branding helps form a strong and lasting positive impression. Since 2006, we have helped local and national companies reach the customers that they need to thrive. We work with you to create or refresh your brand's graphics, keeping your brand's graphic design both instantly recognizable and up-to-date.

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Graphic Design

Branding Services

Branding refers to the name, look, and symbols that differentiate your company from others in your field. Instantly recognizable design helps form a strong and positive impression of your brand.

The most successful logos are instantly recognizable, even before the viewer can comprehend the words in the name. They create a positive impression and feeling of familiarity. We create attractive logos that fit your company's services and feel. We can help you develop a style guide for brand consistency to ensure that every communication supports your brand's message. Short, evocative taglines communicate your brand and help build rapport with your customers.

Print Design

The printed materials you use are often the first impression a potential customer receives from your company. Even in a highly digital age, printed materials play an important part in communicating with your customers. High quality stationery allows you to send consistent and strong messaging through sales letters, responses to inquiries, invoices, and more. Branded sales collateral, product brochures, signage, and billboards allow you to instantly communicate with prospective customers in the public sphere. Printed ads can help you reach customers through magazines and local papers. Hire us to create consistent and high quality stationery, packaging, signage, marketing collateral, printed ads, and billboards that will promote your brand and elevate your success.


Vehicle Wraps

Turn a traffic jam into a marketing opportunity using today’s most effective form of advertising.

It’s simple. You have to get from point A to point B. Why not turn every person you pass along the way into a potential customer? Just one vehicle wrap can be seen as many as 70,000 times per day. Lets put that into perspective. A billboard equates to $2.18 for every thousand views. But with a vehicle wrap you have a “moving billboard” for a mere $.77 per thousand views.


Over the past few years vehicle advertising has become one of the most powerful and dynamic advertising platforms. But as it continues to grow in popularity, just having a simple logo and phone number will no longer do. Don’t blend into the crowd; really get noticed with a unique, creative design that amplifies your brand.

Have more than one vehicle? Wrapping your fleet gives your business a cohesive and professional look even when you are using a wide variety of vehicles. All the while, extending the life of your vehicles by improving the cosmetic appearance of your company's cars, trucks, and vans.

With our extensive experience, our designers will design the perfect wrap for you – big or small, whether you have 1 vehicle or 100. We’ve got you covered.


Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are an important tool in niche and business to business marketing. You're there to meet prospects and your competition is too. Stand out from all the rest at your next trade show or convention. We can assist your company with your entire trade show booth design. We design arresting pop up and backwall displays, large graphical structures, table top displays, and more. By trusting us with your trade show display and printed material designs, you can have everything handled in one place, leaving you to focus on your brand's presence at the show.

Digital Design

Digital marketing and design is vital to every modern company's success. We can design elements to present your company well online and keep you from getting lost in the digital noise. Inviting display ads draw new prospects to your site, while enticing infographics effectively convey information and help your company spread through viral campaigns. 

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing efforts. It is vital for your site to be inviting, attractive, and easy to navigate. Web design that is optimized for both desktop and mobile navigation helps improve customer experience and increases the likelihood of return visitors.

The visual messages that your company sends form current and prospective customers' conceptions of your company. We design every graphical element to be in line with your marketing and branding goals. Every item becomes part of a cohesive and enticing branding message. Come to us to create a powerful, consistent, and persuasive look both online and in the brick and mortar world.

Featured Project

Splash Mark

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Tyler Construction has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Splash Omnimedia created a website for Tyler Construction that generates leads by introducing visitors to available construction services while also displaying examples of completed projects. Tyler Construction is committed to providing quality work and exemplary customer service with the help of their new website.

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