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Cookie Cutter Websites: How One Site Doesn't Fit All


Your business needs a dominant online presence in order to grow and become successful in today’s ever-expanding market. When many business owners begin the process of developing a website, they are faced with the tough and often confusing choice of template versus custom web design and development.

When you’re embarking on the journey to create a new or improved website, it may be tempting to choose the cheaper template – but don’t be fooled. Saving money now could lead to losing money later. Discover our complete guide to choosing between custom and template websites. You'll learn how much of an impact this choice could have on your business' future.

We love using the “House Analogy”

If you wanted to purchase a new home, you would have 3 choices: resell property, open lot subdivision, and fully custom. Websites follow the same basic structure with: template, custom template, and fully custom.

The first choice you have when buying a home would be to buy a resell. This means that you would be buying a home that someone has already been living in. You would get exactly what they have. Their countertops, floors, cabinets, wall colors, etc. It is very possible that others might have something that is very similar in style and design.

In the web world, that is called a template. Someone else has made that template and you have very limited customized options. Not only that, they have sold that template over and over again. This can cause major issues down the road when looking to optimize the site. One of the major issues that most encounter is your customers seeing the template and saying to themselves, this looks just like other business’ websites so are their services and products just like the other guy’s as well?

The second option for buying a home would be to head out to a subdivision that has open lots. You pick your lot and then pick a floor plan that has been pre-approved to fit that lot. You will have the ability to customize some of the items such as the floor types, wall colors, cabinets, counter tops, etc.

In the web world, this is called a customized template. You can upload all of your content, images, and you can even change the color scheme. The issues are still pretty much the same. You might pay a little more for this option. In fact, we would have to say that a large portion of smaller web design firms even use this option. The majority of these firms likely don’t possess the skill, time, or manpower necessary to produce a fully custom website. A custom template is a good option for a small business, unless you have aspirations to grow or change in the future.

The last option is a fully custom house. This means that you have met with a builder and an architect. These folks have sat down with you and have designed a home that completely fits your needs today and the future. Do you have now or will you have a large family? Will you ever want to add a room over the garage? Will you want an additional garage to park a recreational vehicle? In other words, custom home builders understand that your needs change and will want to construct your home so you don’t have to move and build a completely new one at a later date.

In the Web World…This is a fully custom website. It gives you everything that your organization currently needs and enables you to grow and change over time without having to completely scrap the foundation of the site.

The fully custom solution will certainly be a larger investment but, think of it this way: why are you asking your customers to spend their money with you, when they can easily see that you don’t even invest in you?

Here's just a handful of items that a custom website will give you:

More Professional Appearance

When a potential customer or client visits your business’ website, they should get a great first impression of who you are. A polished, professional website with custom content and design is a great way to show off your top-quality products and services while establishing a level of trust that many template websites simply cannot portray.

By utilizing a template you are bypassing the opportunity to invest in your brand and stand out from your competitors. Inserting content into predetermined spots may get your message across, but what’s the point if there’s no one willing to stick around to read it?

Responsive Design, Guaranteed

60% of web traffic comes from a mobile device, and 70% of mobile searches result in an action within an hour. Your website has to make a good impression on every device, and many template websites fail to adapt and respond the way custom designed sites do.

Far too many businesses make the mistake of neglecting their website’s content and layout, which can quickly impact how long a user stays on their site and where they rank in searches. As a result, Google flags their site as a poor source of information and their site’s search engine ranking goes down the drain.

The Flexibility You Need

It’s often difficult to add custom content to template websites. Without this flexibility, template websites often end up with a mess of content and photos that don’t quite match your business.

Custom web design allows you to create a site that represents your business’ goals and values, along with integrating the perfect user experience. The days where you can have an average design and stale content have passed. With a custom web design that comes with a custom content management system, you can easily update your site and drive measurable results.

The Key is Consistency

Your brand is everything. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd and is often your potential customer’s first impression of you. To create a consistent voice across all platforms, you need your business cards, emails, and website to be cohesive. In order to maintain this consistency, your business needs a custom website built around your brand.

Why Businesses Choose Splash Omnimedia:

Splash Omnimedia invests the time and effort into learning what matters most to your business and your audience. Our team of designers and strategists work closely with your business in order to create the perfect custom website. Your design will consist of a blend of specialized layouts, unique features, and consistent branding that mesh with your business’ needs and goals.

With a custom website from Splash Omnimedia, your business will receive the personalized care and support of a team of over 30 specialists, all dedicated to your website’s success. We offer the support that many template web developers lack. Discover the difference a custom website can make on your business’ success. Contact our team of expert designers and strategists today!

How to Read Minds: A Guide to Buyer Personas


Buyer personas are a semi-fictional, generalized representation of your business’ ideal target customers, the customers that are genuinely interested in investing in your goods and services. Personas are vital to relating to your target customers as real people with real wants and needs. They are also useful when your business wants to build value or solve a problem. By gathering information on your audience and constructing a deeper understanding of who they are, you are able to create a more effective marketing strategies and campaigns built around acquisition and retention. 

Buyer personas, like mind reading, are a way of gathering information and creating a generalized idea of the person you’re trying to reach. It’s a type of “marketing caricature” that describes a typical customer or client. Knowing the different types of customers who regularly use your business can help you market to them specifically and better meet their needs. A typical business will often need multiple buyer personas that work together in order to accurately pinpoint the various types of people that their marketing efforts should cater to.

Crafting the Perfect Persona

The best part about creating buyer personas is that they’re not hard to make. The key to the perfect persona is making sure you take the time to ask the right people the right questions. You then take the information you gather and present it in a way that your business will be able to use effectively. 

It’s vital to collect accurate information about your target audience. This information can be collected from a variety of places including: website analytics, social media platforms, in-person interactions with customers, surveys, and more.

Social Media

Social media pages offer a great source of information on the types of people interested in your goods and services. You’re able to collect information about your customers based on their interactions with your pages and their ability to speak freely to your business. Feel free to ask your customers questions and listen to their feedback to better understand who they are, their priorities, and reasoning for interacting with your business.

In-Person Interactions

One-on-one communication is a great way to get to know your customers and gather the valuable information needed to build successful buyer personas. Gathering in-person interactions can be as easy as hosting an event at your business, setting up a booth at a trade show, interacting with customers during their visit, or even offsite at a public place such as a coffee shop.


Surveys will tell you a lot about who your customers are and what their preferences and desires are. People enjoy describing themselves through brief surveys that offer big rewards. Utilizing email marketing to convince your customers to complete a survey is a great way to gather the vital information needed to focus on buyer personas

Building Your Buyer Personas

When you begin building your company's buyer personas, start with the most general information first. Fill in the client's name, age, location and occupation. After that you can start filling in more detailed information. Much of this will come down to educated guesses and what you can gather from researching your client or customer base. Be sure to avoid stereotyping, and focus on thinking outside of the box.

Use the information you’ve gathered to fill in more specific information such as name and type of employment or business, their job titles and other information. After careful analysis and critical thinking, your marketing team will be able to construct accurate buyer personas.

Working With a Marketing Team

Working with our professional marketing team is the best way to build a comprehensive and well-rounded set of buyer personas that will help develop your overall marketing strategy. Buyer personas can take a lot of time. As a successful business owner, we know it can be difficult to put the proper amount of time and effort into gathering the necessary information to build a successful marketing strategy.

We know the best practices to construct the best buyer personas for your business, so contact Splash Omnimedia today! We may not be able to read minds, but we can develop a targeted strategy that will drive your message to the right audience.

Logo Design: Your Key to a Lasting Impression

Splash Omnimedia

First impressions are everything. When it comes to your business, your logo is almost always the first thing your potential customers see.

A logo says a lot about who you are as a business and what your mission is. A well-crafted, personalized logo can solidify and promote your brand, as well as create a visual appeal that can better attract customers. 

These vital aspects of logo design and presentation ultimately contribute to the overall success of your business. Creating a partnership with a creative team of marketers like us can help ensure that your logo will correctly represent your business, help you reach your target audience, and align with your goals and objectives.

So what goes into creating the perfect first impression?   

Emotion and Graphic Design

A good logo represents your business. A great logo tells your story.

Logo design begins with extensive research and creative graphic designers. Our team sits down and brainstorms ideas based on the goals and objectives your company wants to portray. We experiment with the basic elements and principles of design and apply our extensive knowledge and creative ability to the first stages of mock-ups.

One of the best tools for generating an emotional response is color. The colors that you choose for your logo can affect the way that your target audience perceives your business and can even influence the type of clients that your business attracts. Knowing the different emotional responses that people have when they see colors can help you decide which colors are right for your business.

A well-designed logo can embody your business and tip off customers to the character of your business. You may choose to include your tag line in the design of your logo, which can help convey your mission and goals more clearly. Your logo is vital to the creation of consistent branding and is used in places like your: company stationary, business cards, billboards, website, and social media.

Giving your Brand a Facelift

If you’ve been in business for a long enough amount of time, you probably have established a certain level of credibility and recognition. These businesses oftentimes have established what is known as brand recognition, or the ability to be identified by customers by simply viewing your logo, tagline, or marketing campaign.

If you’ve recently decided to have your business’ overall ‘look’ updated, but you’re not ready to part ways with your old, dated logo, we could have the perfect solution: a logo refresher. This is extremely common for businesses that have evolved over the course of time. Even large brands with massive recognition update their logos from time to time. Take a look at big names like Apple and Google, who have evolved their image over time.

A logo facelift can help convey your business’ message a little more clearly. For example, Disney chose to make their logo better represent their company by creating a magical design and Coca-Cola has continually updated their logo over the years in order to adhere to modern trends. 

All in all, revamping your logo is a great way to bring your business’ look closer to what you represent.

Your Business, at Face Value

As we’ve mentioned, your logo is your business’ first impression to most of your potential customers. If your logo represents your business poorly, it can be hard to achieve proper brand recognition.

You should look at your logo as an image that presents itself to potential customers as a condensed statement about your business’ mission and goals. It should be consistent across both your traditional and digital marketing and deliver a strong branded message. Your logo is going to be everywhere.

If there was one thing that could represent your business, what would it be?

Professional Logos Promote a Professional Image

Some business owners decide to save time and money by creating a logo on their own. More often than not, it is very obvious to potential customers and the negative effects of poor design are quick to follow.

Our creative team of experienced, passionate designers have proven time and time again their ability to create superior, impactful logos for each of our clients. We take the time to learn about your business’ goals and mission and use that knowledge to design exactly what we feel will deliver optimal results.

At Splash Omnimedia, we help businesses just like yours create personalized logos that emphasize a quality and impactful brand. To get started, contact the experts at Splash Omnimedia today! 

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